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Stay in Control of Your Production at ALL Stages with Comact’s Artificial Intelligence Systems

From Machine Learning to Deep Learning

20 years of innovation: The use of artificial vision and machine learning allowed Comact to dominate the automated wood grading market. In the last few years, Comact reached a higher level using the latest technologies in artificial intelligence and deep learning. It is now possible to tackle problems that were impossible to solve with traditional methods.

  • Species identification
  • Over 30 natural and mechanical defects detected
  • Software subject to automated tests
  • Proven software & reliable hardware backed by a professional team


AI Powered EdgExpert™: Transverse optimizer for edgers
AI Powered TrimExpert™: Trimmer optimizer for sawmills
AI Powered GradExpert: Final grader optimizer for green/dry and rough/dressed boards

Benefits of Comact’s Expert systems with deep learning:

  • Quickest payback in the industry
  • Throughput of up to 300 boards per minute
  • No need for any marking or recognition system
  • Complete real-time sampling
  • NLGA, NHLA, ALSC, cuttings, house grades, grading faces, European standards, etc.
  • For softwood and hardwood alike
  • Simulation software and comprehensive management of production and reports


All optimization products come with real-time dashboards to quickly identify and diagnose production deviations.

Peace of mind thanks to the remote 24/7 technical support from the BID Group Service Team.

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