An important message about COVID-19

As the pace of this pandemic accelerates, we believe providing additional context for the impact COVID-19 is having on our business is appropriate and helpful for our employees, customers, and stakeholders. The well-being of our employees, families, and the communities we live and operate in continues to be the priority as we navigate this evolving situation.

We believe the impact to our business is temporary and will proactively share information as we move through this unprecedented time together. As of late, and in conjunction with our customers, site restrictions have limited our ability to perform on-site service calls and we are observing a reduced pace of parts ordering as a result of the coronavirus. That said, most of our customers are operating and some are considered essential to do so. Our project sites remain active and we are working closely with our customers to ensure we move forward in a collaborative approach.

To date, no BID employees have tested positive for COVID-19 and all 11 of our manufacturing locations across North America are operational. At this extraordinary time, our decentralized structure and diversified footprint benefit us with the ability to react quickly to events as they develop. We continue to take additional precautions to not only protect the health and safety of our employees and their families, but also to continue to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

All employees who are able to work from home are now doing so and we are pursuing alternatives to expand these capabilities.  We have put in place stringent daily sanitizing measures within our facilities. Travel restrictions remain in place. Our Operations teams continue to engage with our customers and suppliers via video, telephone, and other means of communication as a normal course of business leveraging the deep relationships we have with our business partners. By implementing these and other measures, we are seeking to minimize contact with others over the coming weeks to lessen the potential spread of any infectious diseases across our facilities.

As part of our regular contact with our key suppliers we have been assessing potential supply disruptions or material shortages that may affect us. At this time, we believe disruption or shortages will be minimal, but the risk varies by supplier. Restrictions in freight movement are growing, and we are closely monitoring this development. We will continue to evaluate the situation and take the necessary steps to minimize any supply chain interruptions to our customers as maintaining our customer responsiveness will continue to be a focus.

As a company with market-leading brands and a deep history within the forest products sector, we take the long view and are confident in our business model that promotes local decision-making to quickly respond to any situation that may unfold.

I want to thank our employees, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders for your continued support, and please stay safe during these unprecedented times.


Alistair Cook

President & CEO