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Flying Log Turner

  • picture of Flying Log Turner
  • picture of Flying Log Turner
  • picture of Flying Log Turner

The flying log turner is an integral part of PHL infeed systems and has been designed for canters or twin band saws with canters.  Moreover, the PHL flying log turner is also compatible with log breakdown equipment from most manufacturers.

  • Pneumatic shock absorption system
  • Throughput of up to 500 fpm
  • Very quick response time
  • Heavy-duty frame for large logs and high speed
  • Designed for logs from 2” to 18” in diameter
  • Roll vertical movement controlled by servo-cylinders
  • Roll opening and closing controlled by servo-cylinders
  • Perfect log gripping during rotation process thanks to quad-roll configuration
  • Rotation accuracy guaranteed in purchase contract as long as flying log turner is controlled and optimized by Comact
  • Minimal impact of knots and butt flares on rotation accuracy
  • Designed to operate equally well whether small end or butt end of log is first
  • Offered with V-flight conveyor