BID Group to Partner with Yaskawa America for New Robotic Systems

BID Group is pleased to announce it has entered into strategic partnership with Yaskawa America, Inc, Motoman Robotics Division. The focus of the partnership is to implement robotic systems into BID’s operations and develop new wood processing innovations. Yaskawa Motoman is a leading industrial robotics company in the Americas. As the industry leader in Operational Lifecycle Excellence, this strategic partnership will support BID in its mission to deliver its customers top performance, innovation, remarkable service, and results through the continuous improvement of its operations, products, and services.

We continue investing in the modernization of our installations to maintain them at the leading-edge of technologies. This partnership will help us carry on our pursuit to deliver the highest-quality products to our valued customers. The application of the Yaskawa systems will also have a positive impact on our production capacity. We are very excited to be implementing these precise and quick robotic systems into our operations, and product solutions.”, said Simon Potvin, President of Wood Processing.

“BID Group has demonstrated excellence, leadership and innovation in the wood processing industry and this sector is well poised to take advantage of optimized and efficient robotics system.  Our strategic partnership with BID Group to provide innovative robotic solutions will enable customers to modernize and maximize the value of their assets,” stated Doug Burnside, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Yaskawa Motoman.

BID is also actively working on innovations for its customers using these new robotic systems. With its vast experience in the wood processing industry, combined with its already proven automation and optimization capabilities, the company has several ideas for applications that will help its customers deal with their daily challenges and maintain high security standards in their plants.

BID is actively recruiting team members specializing in these new technologies.