Ensure the peak performance of your investment throughout the operational life cycle. No one knows how to maintain your assets better than the people who designed, built, and installed them. Don’t settle for less than BID Reliability products and services. We offer major and routine maintenance services, spare parts, consumables, and tuning services to help maintain and improve performance.

BID aftermarket supplies and services, a catalyst for Operational Lifecycle Excellence

The wood processing industry is suffering from a skilled labour shortage, high turnover rates, and a significant knowledge gap among personnel which is impacting bottom line results, but BID is here to help. Our relationship isn’t over once the installation is complete, we partner with you for the long-term to ensure your operation will run efficiently with increased margin.

  • Reliability Program
  • EverBlue Program
  • On-demand on-site services
  • Remote support 24/7
  • Retrofits
  • Consumables
  • Spare Parts
  • Global Learning Center



With an average of over 20 years of sawmilling experience, BID team members have ‘Sawdust in Their Boots’ to give you the confidence you need. Our highly-skilled site leaders will partner with your team members to build and execute a continuous improvement plan tailored to your specific needs.

During our assessment, we will review:
  • Maintenance routes, communication, and computerized maintenance management software (CMMS)
  • Machine Asset health
  • Critical parts inventory
  • Training requirements (from beginner to advanced levels)
  • Downtime and productivity issues at all production stages
  • And more

Our programs are a collaboration. We coach, mentor, and train your team to be engaged in the platform we’ve built so that they can take control of the process. Training is customized specifically to fill in any knowledge gaps your team may have to ensure your mill is running at optimal performance.

Curious about how our customers have grown their production by up to 18% per year?

“Being a new mill with a workforce that is new to the lumber industry we were faced with a lot of educational opportunities. The BID team worked with us in developing a Reliability Program that met our specific needs. They were very responsive to our requests and made adjustments to the program as our needs changed. At the end of the program, we had a maintenance team that had a solid technical understanding of the equipment, detailed preventative maintenance documentation, and a great working relationship with BID technicians that we as a mill can depend on. The BID team was great through the entire Reliability Program, and I can’t thank them enough for everything they did to help us improve our facility.”

Scott Walker, Plant Superintendent of LaSalle Lumber Company

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The EverBlue® program aims to maximize the operational lifecycle excellence of your installed BID Group base of equipment. Our OEM Expert Team provides:

  • Onsite mechanical, optimization, and controls preventative maintenance
  • Onsite wood processing service for fine tuning optimization and grading
  • Onsite saw filing service
  • Remote phone support
  • Annual updates to latest proven software releases
  • Technical training

The EverBlue® Program supports consistent mill productivity, sustained uptime, and optimal value through proactive, multi-year plans aimed at prolonging the effective lifespan of your installed base of BID Group equipment.

EverBlue® Programs have been designed with your best interests in mind. Committing to predetermined aftermarket services provides you:

  • Fixed prices for the duration of the agreement
  • Discounted labor rates
  • Pre-booked site visits
  • Discounts on Global Learning Center offerings
  • Software update discount on multiple systems
  • Hardware included on amortized yearly fee
  • Access to BID’s Live Webinars
  • And more

Wondering what would be the value of an EverBlue Program for you?

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On-demand on-site services

Our skilled team can offer you any kind of on-site support, whenever you need it. Our experienced technicians know the technology and history of the equipment inside and out for a seamless service experience. On-site services are customized to fit your needs.

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Remote support 24/7

Our 24/7 phone support ensures that, in the event of an emergency, your crisis will be dealt with immediately. After receiving your call, we assemble the resources needed to minimize the effects of production stoppage, as well as forward your request to one of our qualified technicians who will be able to help you.

You can reach our remote support team
at 1‑877‑243‑4443


BID is committed to innovation, and that includes innovating existing equipment to extend their lifespan and allow them to achieve operational lifecycle excellence. BID has developed a broad range of retrofit offers for all generations of equipment. These retrofits are specific for each piece of equipment.

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BID offers consumable products designed to pair seamlessly with your equipment. The consumables developed by our engineers, such as our BLADE line of cutting tools, can be easily installed and come equipped with preventative maintenance and support plans. All our consumables can be shipped directly to you.


BID guarantees quality parts that ensure your equipment will be up-and-running at peak performance in no time. With stores of critical parts in plants across North America and the ability to produce custom spare parts on demand, we promise fast delivery to minimize profit losses.

your shirt
on spare

Consider how much it costs you when your critical spare parts inventory is not sufficient and you end up with unscheduled downtime.

Key benefits of OEM parts

  1. Faster Delivery Time
    Original Equipment Manufacturers keep a good inventory of spare parts to cut down on delivery time
  2. Qualified Personnel
    An experienced and qualified technician who is familiar with your equipment can ensure highly skilled service
  3. Quality and Performance
    Ensure the part and performance of your equipmentis the same (or better) than what you had before
  1. Selling Price
    In many cases, the original equipment manufacturer will offer the same or more competitive prices for its replacement parts
  2. Inventory
    The OEM helps its customers determine the right quantities of replacement parts to keep in inventory
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