BID Group to launch its Global Learning Center and Equipment Fundamental Series, leading the learning revolution in the industry

St. George, SC, July 28, 2022 – BID Group, a global leader in transformational wood processing technologies and integrated solutions, announces the launch of its Global Learning Center. With its expertly crafted and specially designed courses, BID aims to reduce the knowledge gap in the sawmills by growing employees’ technical excellence, allowing high-value customers to achieve and sustain top-quartile performance.

Over the last year, BID has created a dedicated team of experts working on the management of its Global Learning Center and the creation of content. The team members have years of expertise in learning management and the wood processing industry. BID has also invested in the expansion of its campus in St. George, South Carolina, where there are four classrooms with scaled-down and full-size equipment for a hands-on learning experience.

In addition to on-campus, webinars and private learning offers, BID has developed a new online learning offering using a Learning Management System (LMS). BID’s experts in the different fields of wood processing have developed the Equipment Fundamental Series, containing more than 250 courses created precisely for each of the main operational machine centers. With its in-house technical content, the online learning offer also has material provided by Rockwell Automation, a strategic partner for BID, as well as multiple courses to grow leadership and professional expertise.

“At BID, we believe that first-class wood processing starts with first-class learning opportunities. The launch of the Global Learning Center marks a commitment to our highly valued customers that we will support them in different ways, through our broad offer of services, to aid in their daily challenges. Profits rely on people’s knowledge and their ability to anticipate, identify, and fix problems.  This new service offering will allow mills to get the most out of their equipment and run at peak performance by building and growing their team’s expertise” said Simon Potvin, President of Wood Processing.

The Global Learning Center is now fully operational and has already started welcoming new students.