New Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program Established at BID Group Fabrication Shop in St. George, SC

St. George, South Carolina, August 1, 2023 – In a significant development for the local community, BID Group has collaborated with the Department of Labor and Apprenticeship Carolina to launch a groundbreaking apprenticeship program in its Fabrication Shop. The program provides valuable opportunities for aspiring professionals in the manufacturing sector.

BID Group, renowned for its manufacturing expertise, has committed to nurturing talent and strengthening the workforce by offering comprehensive hands-on training and mentorship to apprentices. The selected welding apprentices will have the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals at the BID Group Fabrication Shop, enabling participants to develop technical skills and a solid foundation in the manufacturing sector. This partnership with the Department of Labor ensures the program’s adherence to essential and professional standards.

To support this initiative, the Department of Labor and Apprenticeship Carolina will provide resources, oversight, and guidance throughout the apprenticeship program. This collaboration highlights the government’s and state’s commitment to fostering skill development and promoting sustainable economic growth in St. George and the surrounding areas.

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with the Department of Labor, as we jointly launch an exceptional Apprenticeship Program. By prioritizing the development of the next generation of manufacturing professionals, we are not only investing in their future but also in the sustainable growth of St. George and its neighboring areas. Together, we are nurturing talent, creating opportunities, and strengthening our community’s workforce for long-term success” said Simon Potvin, President of Wood Processing.

The initiative offers an alternative pathway for individuals seeking rewarding careers in manufacturing while addressing the industry’s need for skilled workers. BID Group will be welcoming its first students in August 2023.